<![CDATA[Touch Panel Control]]> http://www.touchpanelcontrol.com/news/ Thu, 02 Jul 2015 22:56:10 +0000 http://www.touchpanelcontrol.com/skin/frontend/default/tpc2/images/rss-png.png Touch Panel Control http://www.touchpanelcontrol.com/news/ Zend_Feed http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss <![CDATA[Apple to introduce larger touch panel display for next iPhone?]]> http://www.touchpanelcontrol.com/news/Apple-to-introduce-larger-touch-panel-display-for-next-iPhone/ 4c56ff4ce4aaf9573aa5dff913df997a Last year the iPhone 5 introduced a four inch touch panel to Apple's flagship smartphone range for the first time, replacing the outgoing 3.5 inch display that had long been a partially limiting factor.

However, rumours suggest that Apple is actually going to create an even bigger iPhone for launch later this year, with China Times reporting that it will launch alongside the iPhone 5S and sport a 4.8 inch screen.

Referred to as the iPhone Math in recent media coverage, this device will clearly be designed to compete with other big screen smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S3.

It will be interesting to see whether Apple sticks with the Retina Display resolution for this next touch panel, since it might be better off going with a more standardised 720p or 1080p pixel count.

The iPhone 5S, on the other hand, will presumably stick with the four inch touch panel of its predecessor, acting as an incremental upgrade.

What makes these rumours slightly hard to believe is Apple's track record. It tends not to go out of its way to keep up with the Joneses for the sake of it and, instead, tends to pre-empt what consumers really want.

Tue, 29 Jan 2013 06:21:55 +0000
<![CDATA[iPhone update rumoured for early 2013 release]]> http://www.touchpanelcontrol.com/news/iPhone-update-rumoured-for-early-2013-release/ 698d51a19d8a121ce581499d7b701668 Although the last two iPhone handsets have launched in the autumn and Apple has typically left at least 12 months between announcements, it seems that some believe a much quicker turnaround will occur this time.

Production of a handset, rumoured to be the iPhone 5S, will allegedly begin before the end of 2012, ahead of an official announcement of the device in the spring of next year.

This is according to a report from Commercial Times, a publication based in China, which has apparently gained insight into the matter.

Apple's main reason for creating the iPhone 5S and pushing it out to market only a few months after the bigger, bolder touch panel-touting iPhone 5, is that its manufacturing partners are struggling to keep up with demand because of the complex and fragile components used in its production.

Of course, Apple raised some customer fury when it recently launched the iPad 4, just a few months after the third generation of its tablet family had hit the market.

Most people expect to get at least 12 months during which their device can be seen as state of the art, but Apple is changing its tactics and ramping up the rate of obsolescence.

Thu, 15 Nov 2012 03:50:55 +0000
<![CDATA[<h2>Next gen iPad and iPhone touch panel rumours</h2>]]> http://www.touchpanelcontrol.com/news/Next-gen-iPad-and-iPhone-touch-panel-rumours/ 7f39f8317fbdb1988ef4c628eba02591 A flurry of new rumours surrounding Apple's next tablet and smartphone devices has emerged over the past week, with changes to the screen technology allegedly leading to alterations in the size and shape of each gadget.

The iPad 3 is thought to be readied for an official release in March 2012 and insiders have already hinted at the use of a higher resolution touch panel display and new LED backlighting technology.

Now there are hints that the iPad 3 will be almost a whole millimetre thicker than the current generation, as a result of this enhanced display kit.

A seven inch iPad 3 is also being spoken about, but whether Apple will attempt to bulk up or scale down a range that has become thinner each year is yet to be shown.

Meanwhile the iPhone 5 will apparently feature a four inch touch panel display, which is precisely what had been predicted for the recently launched iPhone 4S.

Adding 0.8 centimetres to the chassis of the current phone is the only way that Apple would be able to squeeze in a bigger screen, but fans will have to wait until next summer to find out if this is accurate.

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