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Costing a penny under $100, the MyTablet runs Android Jelly Bean, has a seven inch display and a dual core processor.

A basic two megapixel camera is found on the rear, while the front-facing webcam uses a 1.3 megapixel sensor.

On a technical level, the MyTablet is a little bit behind the Tesco Hudl, which arrived last month at the $119.99 price point. But this ?20 difference could be significant enough to convince consumers that Argos offers the best value.

It is also worth pointing out that the MyTablet is equipped with components that would have made it state of the art less than two years ago, so it is hardly a slouch.

Tesco sold a modest 35,000 units of the Hudl in the 48 hours after its release, which might be a reflection of the fact that the UK's tablet market has become increasingly saturated in the past couple of years.

Whether Argos will succeed in its own endeavours remains to be seen, but at less than $100, the MyTablet is quite a bargain.

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