TPControl Device Licence (for Android™ Smartphones)

The AMX Authorized Product for Android™ Smartphones.

TPControl Device Licence (for Android™ Smartphones)

Looking, feeling and working just like an AMX Touch Panel, TPControl is easy to add to existing or new AMX installations. TPControl fits conveniently into your integration world, you control your AMX system wherever you are, connecting via WiFi or 3G - worldwide.

For device classification information (Smartphone vs Tablet), install TPControl on the device and then refer to 'TPControl -> MENU/Settings -> Version: Device Type'


Transfer your custom TP4 designs, created using AMX's TPDesign4, to Android™ (utilising TPTransfer, included).

Supporting the following features:

  • Page Flips and Popups
  • Sounds
  • Multitouch
  • Keyboards/Keypads
  • Multistate Levels/Levels
  • Dynamic Images/Scaled Dynamic Images
  • Multistate Buttons
  • Full Feedback
  • Supports multiple ports
  • Loopback Port Support for most commands
  • Native TP4 File support
  • Most G4 commands, as well as legacy G3 commands
  • Unitype Fonts
  • Font Effects
  • Borders - PopUp Show/Hide Effects
  • Opacity
  • Chameleon Images
  • Multiple resolution support

And so much more...

Now that TPControl supports my Android Smartphone, I can take my AMX panel anywhere! - F Muhammed